The muta orchestra is a bit different to other orchestras. The special thing about it is, that the musicians don't play their usual instruments. The instruments will be randomly allocated a week before the concert. In this week, the musicians have to learn their new instrument by themselves and get ready for the concert.

The change of the instruments has been used as the core of the brand. With this concept in mind, I changed the letters of all the words, so that only the first and the last letter is staying in position. The words are still readable (for native speakers).

The name muta is a musically expression mark, which stands for the change of an instrument in a piece of music. When the trumpet player has to change from his Bb trumpet to a C trumpet while the orchestra is playing, there will be written muta in C in his score. This expression inspired me to take it as the name of the orchestra.

The graphic elements symbolize the ten days in which we slowly change from one instrument to another.

The grid system is based on ten vertical lines, standing for the ten days of the project and five horizontal lines, standing for the five stave lines. All the contents are permanently changing their places on the grid.

The audience changes seats in half of the concert. They get tickets with different numbers on the front and back side.

Also on the website the contents change constantly their place. In this way I want to give the viewer the same feeling of insecurity that the musicians have at the concert.

I have created videos, in which I changed the sound of the instruments to get a mindblowing effect and a lot of attention on social media.

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