This project is a rebranding including brand strategy for the National Youth Windband of Switzerland (NJBO). The new visual identity of the orchestra conveys values such as young, motivated, dynamic, leading and talented, among others. It is built around the orchestra's brand promise: We overcome borders.

The NJBO has been overcoming borders in various areas for a long time: the musical borders of the young people, regional borders within Switzerland, linguistic borders between our four national languages, the borders of Switzerland with international conductors and competitions abroad.

The orchestra's new visual identity conveys precisely this core via various graphic elements. The central visual idea here is to stretch individual letters horizontally to symbolise the overcoming of borders. The same mechanics are reflected in the logo. The N stands for national, which works across all four national languages (national, nationale, nazionale, naziunal). The round side (left) and the angular side (right) symbolise the connection between different elements and the diversity gained by overcoming borders.


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